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Installing SpecBAS for Raspberry PI

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Running SpecBAS for Raspberry Pi
Then type "sudo dpkg -i specbas-pi.deb" to install it.
This will create a link to SpecBAS in the desktop menu to SpecBAS (it's placed in within the Programming menu)like this: [[Media:SpecBAS-Pi-Menu.png]]
Upon first execution, SpecBAS will create its working directory; /home/username/specbas (if this folder doesn't already exist). A number of useful files and folders will also be set up within this directory (containing fonts, demo programs, and a copy of the SpecBAS Reference Manual). This folder is effectively the root folder for SpecBAS/SpecOS, where SpecBAS will load files from, and save files to. SpecBAS is unaware of any files located outside of this folder.

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