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New project: ZX Lisp
Getting into a narrower niche now, I'm hacking on a FUSE (that's Filesystem in Userspace, not pak21's emulator) driver for the [[Spectranet]]'s TNFS (Trivial Network File System); it's called '''[ tnfuse]'''.
A project that I've started work on but not released yet is '''ZX Lisp''', a LISP system for the Speccy. I've written the (PC-based) compiler that converts LISP source into bytecode; still to do are the runtime and possibly a REPL (Read-Eval-Print Loop).
Then of course there's a load of non-Speccy-related stuff, most of which lives on my [ github page] or dotted around SourceForge (where my username is Soundandfury); a comprehensive list may or may not exist somewhere on my website.

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