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Timeline of events

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1982: "Display for a Computer"
* February: Financial disagreements arise between [[Nine Tiles]] and Sinclair Research Ltd.
* 22 April: Sinclair Research file patent GB8211723, "Display for a Computer", which describes the video display generation technique used by the ZX Spectrum.
* 23 April: The [[ZX Spectrum 16K/48K|original 16/48 KB model of the ZX Spectrum]] is launched at the IPC Computer Fair at Earls Court, at the initial price of £125 for the 16 KB model, and £175 for the 48 KB model. The machine is compatible with the ZX Printer, and an "RS-232/Network interface board" is promised, which later becomes the [[ZX Interface 1]].
* April: The magazine [[Sinclair User]] is launched by ECC Publications Ltd.

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