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Timeline of events

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* 16 May: The [[ZX Spectrum +2A/2B, +3/3B|ZX Spectrum +3]] is released by Amstrad. It is a major redesign of the original ZX Spectrum 128 and ZX Spectrum +2 models, including an integrated 3″ single sided floppy disc drive and with additional memory paging capabilities to support [[CP/M]] and the [[+3DOS]] disc operating system. It is housed in a slightly modified version of the [[ZX Spectrum +2|+2]] case moulding cast in black plastic instead of grey. The "Black +2" appears soon after with an integrated tape drive in place of the 3″ floppy disc drive.
=== 1988 ===
* 5 September: [[Miles Gordon Technology]], plc. is incorporated.
=== 1989 ===
* December: The [[SAM Coupé]] is released by [[Miles Gordon Technology]], plc. The machine arrives too late for the Christmas 1989 shopping season, and is plagued by a bugs in the ROM at the time of launch, requiring an updated ROM to be distributed to approximately 8,000 customers.
=== 1990 ===
* April: ''Your Sinclair'' is published under ownership of Future plc for the first time.
* 11 June: Miles Gordon Technology goes into receivership.* 4 July: [[SAM Computers Ltd]] is incorporated, taking over the assets of Miles Gordon Technology. The new company is formed with the aims of providing an upgrade service to existing users (making available the bug-fixed ROM, and updates to the Spectrum emulator and SAMDOS), creating and publishing new software (under the company's software label, Revelation), and honouring the warranty of existing owners, whilst continuing to distribute the remaining stock of the machine.
=== 1992 ===

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