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Tape leads

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Original tape leads
The [[ZX Spectrum +2A/2B, +3/3B#+2A/+3|ZX Spectrum +3]] has a single 3.5mm stereo socket which is used for both tape input '''and''' output. The +3 was not supplied with a suitable cable but details are included in the manual. The tip of a 3.5mm stereo jack is connected to the MIC output, the ring connected to the EAR input (sleeve is ground common to both). The diagram in the manual shows a twin lead from the stereo jack to a pair of mono jacks for the earphone and microphone sockets of a mono cassette deck.
The EAR input was disconnected on the Z70830 motherboard when assembled as a [[ZX Spectrum +2A/2B, +3/3B#+2A/+3|+2A]] but can be restored easily by the addition of one capacitor on the motherboard.
The [[ZX Spectrum +2]] and [[ZX Spectrum +2A/2B, +3/3B#+2B & +3B|+2B]] have no provision for loading from an external tape deck so no leads were provided. The Z70833 motherboard found in most black +2s can be modified to restore the same pinout (and hence tape lead) as the +3 but this requires cutting a circuitboard trace to separate the tip and ring of the stereo socket.

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