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Spectrum tape interface

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=== Data block ===
==== Arrays ====
Number and string arrays are stored on tape in the same format as in RAM [|] except that the very first byte (the name of the array) is absent. The name of the array stored in the second byte of ''Parameter 1'' in header block.
Note: although the array name is saved, you cannot just ''LOAD "" DATA'', you have to explicitly say where to load: e.g. ''LOAD "" DATA w()'', but you can use any letter regardless of the original name.
==== BASIC programs ====
Program files are stored as a sequence of lines each stored the same way it is in RAM:
Line number[2BE] Length[2] Text[] 0x0D[1]
Note that numeric literals will be stored in both text and binary (text[] 0x0E[1] zxfloat[5]).
==== CODE, SCREEN$ - bytes ====
Code files are stored as a flat sequence of bytes, in the order they appear in RAM.
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