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Comp.sys.sinclair Crap Games Competition

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==Availability of submissions==
As of 2011, all previous competition entries are archived at the [[wikipedia:World of Spectrum|World of Spectrum]] FTP site <ref></ref> and are ordinarily considered freely distributable, assuming that permission has been granted.<ref>[ ARCHIVE - COPYRIGHTS AND DISTRIBUTION PERMISSIONS]</ref> Entries up to and including CSSCGC 2008 are also organised and catalogued at Unsatisfactory Software's 'Crap Game Finder' website.<ref name="unsat" /> However, technically the copyright status of submissions can vary. For example the 2006 competition rules stated that all games are copyright their respective authors <ref name="cgc2006about">[ About The Competition]</ref> whereas the 2008 and 2009 rules simply stated that all authors agree to free distribution of their submissions.<ref>{{cite web|url=[|title=CSSCGC 2008 Rules|publisher=Digital Prawn|date=2008-12-09|accessdate=2011-05-05|quote=All entries must be crap games that run on Sinclair computers i.e. the Sinclair Spectrum 16K/48K/128K.}}]</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=|title=the CSSCGC rules|first=Alistair|last=Cree|date=2009-01-01|accessdate=2011-05-05|quote=Rule Number 1:
The game must run on a Sinclair computer, or a {{sic|compatable|expected=compatible}} clone.}}</ref> In at least one case, an author has withdrawn a submission and rescinded distribution permission on it.<ref></ref>

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