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FZX format

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* up to 244 characters per font (code 32 to 255)
The following image (presented as loading screen by FZX driver) illustrates how most definition parameters (detailed below) are combined to generate the image of each character: [[File:FZX.gif]] The FZX format consists of a three byte header (containing parameters in yellow that are applied to the entire fontset), followed by a variable-length table containing data for each character (containing character parameters in cyan and magenta), and a variable-length set of character definitions.
== Header ==
16 * shift + width - 1
== Character Definitions == 
The character definitions consist of a byte or pair of bytes for each row of the character, depending on whether the character is 1 to 8 pixels wide (byte), or 9 to 16 pixels wide (pair of bytes).

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