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ZX Spectrum ULA

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Proper name of Spectrum 128
The [[ZX Spectrum 16K/48K]] ULA went through [[#ULA versions|multiple revisions]] and is either a 5C or 6C series Ferranti ULA.
On a [[ZX Spectrum+ 128K128]], or [[ZX Spectrum +2]] the ULA is the Ferranti 7K010E (later labelled Amstrad 40056 in +2)
The [[ZX Spectrum +2A/2B, +3/3B machines |ZX Spectrum +2A, +3, +2B, and +3B]] use an entirely different gate array. See [[The Amstrad gate array]]
Sinclair also experimented with an alternative [[#AMI SAGA|AMI SAGA]] chip in a special batch.

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