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ZX Spectrum edge connector

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The three main "generations" of the ZX Spectrum each provide a slightly different set of signals on the connector and are described fully in the following articles: [[ZX_Spectrum_16k/48k_Edge_Connector|16/48k]], [[ZX_Spectrum+_128K_Edge_Connector|128k]], [[ZX Spectrum +3/2A/2B Edge Connector|+3/+2A/+2B]].
This article and the table on the right attempts to describe a compatible pinout which is consistent across all models. Only signals and supplies which are present on ''all'' models are listed(with the exception of the notes below). The remaining pins are designated shown as NC in this table for simplicity but be aware that on different models those pins will in fact be connectedcarry signals dependent on the model.
An interface which uses only the signals shown should work on any model of ZX Spectrum.
====ROM disable pins====
The Spectrum 16/48k and Spectrum+ 128k both provide {{overline|ROMCS}} on lower pin 25. By holding this pin high an external peripheral can prevent the Spectrum's ROM from driving the data bus, and place its own ROM or RAM within the first 16k of the 64k memory space.

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