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Updated list of games and links
The '''BIFROST* Engine''' is a multicolour 8×1 graphics engine written by [[User:Einar|Einar Saukas]], featuring sample tiles by Dave Hughes, supporting a multicolour square area with of 18 character rows by 18 character columns. It's open source and royalty-free (even for commercial programs). Further details can be found in [ this link]. The latest version is available for download [httphttps://wwwspectrumcomputing.worldofspectrumco.orguk/infoseekidindex.cgiphp?cat=96&id=0027405 27405 here].
It natively supports all standard Spectrum models (48K, 128K, +2, +2A, +2B, +3). Moreover, engine logos can be obtained [ here].
List of released games using the '''BIFROST* Engine''':
* [http://wwwspectrumcomputing.worldofspectrumco.orguk/infoseekidindex.cgiphp?cat=96&id=0028175 28175 Knights & Demons DX] by Baron Ashler, Einar Saukas, Craig Stevenson* [ Pets vs Aliens Prologue] by Einar Saukas, Jarrod Bentley, Yerzmyey* [ Complica DX] by Einar Saukas, Dave "R-Tape" Hughes, Yerzmyey* [ Pushbot] by Dave "R-Tape" Hughes,
List of games currently under development:
* [httphttps://wwwsites.worldofspectrumgoogle.orgcom/forumssite/showthread.php?t=49220 Pets vs Alienszxgraph/home/einar-saukas/soon MIDNIGHT RIDERS FANCLUB] by Einar Saukas, Jarrod Bentley, Yerzmyey
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