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(tsk! who put 3.54MHz?)
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{{Infobox computer
{{Infobox computer
| cpu = [[Z80|Z80A]] @ 3.54MHz
| cpu = [[Z80|Z80A]] @ 3.5MHz
| rom = 16kB
| rom = 16kB
| ram = 16kB or 48kB
| ram = 16kB or 48kB

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Infobox: ZX Spectrum 16K/48K
Manufacturer Sinclair Research
Mfg. volume appx. 4M units
CPU Z80A @ 3.5MHz
ROM 16kB
RAM 16kB or 48kB
as pages flat
Gfx Res 256x192
Gfx Colours 15 (2 per 8x8 cell)

Case Design

blah blah Rick Dickinson

Rubber Keyboard Model

blah blah IF1 & microdrives

Plastic Keyboard Model

blah blah toastrack & QL


blah blah board issues

Issue 1

blah blah ZX Spectrum 48k ram upgrade