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I was born in Valencia, Spain.

My first contact with a computer was in 1983, when I bought a ZX81. Due to his limitations I change it for a ZX-Spectrum. It had been my computer until I bought my first PC XT compatible in 1987.

I'm chemical analyst and IT engineer.

I was programing for PC's during a lot of time, and some time ago and after that a little for Wii.

In 2012 have recovered my ZXSpectrum from a wardrobe and start to remember the computer of my childhood.

In 2013 I was starting to be interested to learn to understand and design the hardware.

Now in 2014, I was developing a new interface for a zx Spectrum 16Kb (and also for a 48Kb with a little modification) The name of the interface is speccy superupgrade and it consists in upgrade the spectrum with 512Kb of RAM, multiple ROM selection sound and joystick.