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The Spectranet is an Ethernet adaptor for the ZX Spectrum. It is based around the WIZnet W5100 ethernet chip, and also has 128kB of flash memory (for firmware; in-circuit programmable) and 128kB of onboard static RAM for software to use as a workspace.

It is being developed by Winston, and its home page is [1].

For software writers, a set of BASIC extensions are provided, as well as a C API (whose design is based on the BSD sockets library). Access to these functions and to Spectranet RAM is via call traps and paging. It's all explained on Winston's site.


As of January 2013, Spectranet interfaces are produced in small runs and sold on a semi-regular basis at SellMyRetro.


Since the Spectranet is new, there's not much software for it yet; most of the existing software is incomplete.

  • Sockets library
  • BASIC extensions
  • TNFS client
  • IRC client
  • Twitter client