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Installing SpecBAS for Raspberry PI

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Then type "sudo dpkg -i specbas-pi.deb" to install it.
This will create a link in the desktop menu to SpecBAS (it's placed in the Programming menu).
Upon first execution, SpecBAS will create its working directory; /home/username/specbas (if this folder doesn't already exist). A number of useful files and folders will also be set up within this directory (containing fonts, demo programs, and a copy of the SpecBAS Reference Manual). This folder is effectively the root folder for SpecBAS/SpecOS, where SpecBAS will load files from, and save files to. SpecBAS is unaware of any files located outside of this folder.
The SpecBAS source files are available through SVN at The bass audio library is also available from
==Removing SpecBAS for your Raspberry Pi==
In the unlikely event that you wish to remove SpecBAS from your Raspberry Pi, the command "sudo dpkg -r specbas" will take care of that for you.

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