ZX Spectrum 128

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{{See Also|the original Spectrum 128|other Spectrum models with 128kB 128KB of RAM|ZX Spectrum 128K models}}
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| cpu = [[Z80|Z80A]] @ 3.5469MHz
| rom = 32kB32KB| ram = 128kB128KB| rampage = 8×16kB8×16KB
| manu = Sinclair Research / Investrónica
| volume =
*Processor: Zilog Z80A microprocessor clocked at 3.5469MHz.
*ROM: 32kB 32KB ROM, arranged in 2 pages of 16kB16KB.*RAM: 128kB 128KB of Dynamic RAM, arranged in 8 pages of 16kB16KB.
*Graphics: 256 × 192 pixels, 16 colours, attribute based. See [[Spectrum Video Modes]].
*Sound: [[AY-3-8912]] 3 channel, 8 octave Programmable Sound Generator and "beeper". Modulated onto video signal.
*Keyboard: 58 plastic keys above a rubber pad and plastic membrane. Optional editor keypad.
*I/O: Software controlled RS232 serial port. Keypad Port. Tape In (ear) and Tape Out (mic). [[ZX Spectrum+ 128K 128 edge connector|Expansion I/O port]].
The memory space of the ZX Spectrum 128 is divided into four 16kB 16KB pages. The 32kB 32KB of ROM and 128kB 128KB of RAM can be paged into the memory space as shown in the diagram below:
<!-- table of memory pages -->