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To produce a line similar to that needed for this article, with minimal editing, one can use:
To produce a line similar to that needed for this article, with minimal editing, one can use:
  jacksum -a crc32+sha1+md5 -F "|#FILENAME||#FILESIZE||#CHECKSUM{0}||#CHECKSUM{1}||#CHECKSUM{2}" FILES
  jacksum -a crc32+sha1+md5 -F "<nowiki>{{ROM images table row|#FILENAME|#FILESIZE|#CHECKSUM{0}|#CHECKSUM{1}|#CHECKSUM{2}|DESCRIPTION}}</nowiki>" FILES
  rhash -p "|%f||%s||%c||%h||%m\n" FILES
  rhash -p "<nowiki>{{ROM images table row|%f|%s|%c|%h|%m|DESCRIPTION}}</nowiki>\n" FILES
Note that checksums can be freely shared on the Internet without concern over copyright, as these simply provide a mechanism for determining validity of ROM dumps that you already have.
Note that checksums can be freely shared on the Internet without concern over copyright, as these simply provide a mechanism for determining validity of ROM dumps that you already have.

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This article lists ROM images used by the ZX Spectrum, its clones/derivatives and of peripherals for the machines.

See below for checksum information.

UK ZX Spectrum models

Suggested filename Size (KiB) Checksums Description
48.rom 16 SHA1: 5ea7c2b824672e914525d1d5c419d71b84a426a2 BASIC for 16/48K models
FCS32: ddee531f MD5: 4c42a2f075212361c3117015b107ff68
128-english-0.rom 16 SHA1: 4f4b11ec22326280bdb96e3baf9db4b4cb1d02c5 English 128K ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
FCS32: e76799d2 MD5: b4d2692115a9f2924df92a3cbfb358fb
128-english-1.rom 16 SHA1: 80080644289ed93d71a1103992a154cc9802b2fa English 128K ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
FCS32: b96a36be MD5: 6e09e5d3c4aef166601669feaaadc01c
plus2-english-0.rom 16 SHA1: 72703f9a3e734f3c23ec34c0727aae4ccbef9a91 English +2 (grey) ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
FCS32: 5d2e8c66 MD5: 4ed7af4636308b8a48d7a35e6c5b546b
plus2-english-1.rom 16 SHA1: de8b0d2d0379cfe7c39322a086ca6da68c7f23cb English +2 (grey) ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
FCS32: 98b1320b MD5: b3db95931cc844efaeb82db9c171b9f3
plus3-4.0-english-0.rom 16 SHA1: e319ed08b4d53a5e421a75ea00ea02039ba6555b English +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 0 (128K editor)
FCS32: 17373da2 MD5: 9833b8b73384dd5fa3678377ff00a2bb
plus3-4.0-english-1.rom 16 SHA1: c9969fc36095a59787554026a9adc3b87678c794 English +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 1 (128K syntax checker)
FCS32: f1d1d99e MD5: 0f711ceb5ab801b4701989982e0f334c
plus3-4.0-english-2.rom 16 SHA1: 22e50c6ba4157a3f6a821bd9937cd26e292775c6 English +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 2 (+3DOS)
FCS32: 3dbf351d MD5: 3b6dd659d5e4ec97f0e2f7878152c987
plus3-4.0-english-3.rom 16 SHA1: 65f031caa8148a5493afe42c41f4929deab26b4e English +2A/+3 v4.0 ROM 3 (48K BASIC)
FCS32: 04448eaa MD5: a148bcc575e51389e84fdf5d555c3196
plus3-4.1-english-0.rom 16 SHA1: 62ec15a4af56cd1d206d0bd7011eac7c889a595d English +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 0 (128K editor)
FCS32: 30c9f490 MD5: dae4f68d3c2000a6ad6b5c4199448015
plus3-4.1-english-1.rom 16 SHA1: 1a7812c383a3701e90e88d1da086efb0c033ac72 English +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 1 (128K syntax checker)
FCS32: a7916b3f MD5: 2869753363029625e9c3068f8451731c
plus3-4.1-english-2.rom 16 SHA1: 8df145d10ff78f98138682ea15ebccb2874bf759 English +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 2 (+3DOS)
FCS32: c9a0b748 MD5: ba2c346195c3b337f4dec0f40d23b200
plus3-4.1-english-3.rom 16 SHA1: be365f331942ec7ec35456b641dac56a0dbfe1f0 English +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 3 (48K BASIC)
FCS32: b88fd6e3 MD5: ef7bf942a1c1f9ed5d583d0a49e26db7

Development versions

Suggested filename Size (KiB) Checksums Description
derby-0.rom 16 SHA1: 8e846de6ed2fbbca83b0d0d0f6c9aedca2ac7e2e Derby (128K) development ROM 0 (128K editor)
FCS32: 1a5149dd MD5: 9a73dbfbf32532e819fa3bcacf87dd0f
derby-1.rom 16 SHA1: 99e34e92385c5372ca4de59aeff06ee05ef32abe Derby (128K) development ROM 1 (48K BASIC) v1.4, April 1985
FCS32: e9644259 MD5: 6e8c1cf37315968c036d171909a308f0

Official clones and derivatives

Suggested filename Size (KiB) Checksums Description
48-beckman.rom 16 SHA1: b1abc2ef2101aeef628d978dae682aaaa7b5a896 48K ROM for Nordic countries by Beckman Innovation AB
FCS32: a8a41da5 MD5: f058f27ae61af225fe5baacc1d89adfc
48-spanish.rom 16 SHA1: 9e535e2e24231ccb65e33d107f6d0ceb23e99477 Spanish 48K ROM (with "FUERA DE PANTALLA" message)
FCS32: f051746e MD5: 60e1bd8b4d59b55e5b2175126239517f
128-spanish-0.rom 16 SHA1: 968937b1c750f0ef6205f01c6db4148da4cca4e3 Spanish 128K ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
FCS32: 453d86b2 MD5: c1231a70b8129311216acb7479b031d5
128-spanish-1.rom 16 SHA1: bea3f397cc705eafee995ea629f4a82550562f90 Spanish 128K ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
FCS32: 6010e796 MD5: 4f341936594cbcab75cfa62ce96e3682
plus2-french-0.rom 16 SHA1: 56684c4c85a616e726a50707483b9a42d8e724ed French +2 (grey) ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
FCS32: c684c535 MD5: b82db5d8d3fc4b5e88d92f63bb048ddf
plus2-french-1.rom 16 SHA1: 7e398f62689c9d90a36d3a101351ec9987207308 French +2 (grey) ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
FCS32: f5e509c5 MD5: 7fa91a6450cf68a8be627165e1516eee
plus2-spanish-0.rom 16 SHA1: 8259241b28ff85441f1bedc2bee53445767c51c5 Spanish +2 (grey) ROM 0 (128K editor and menu)
FCS32: e807d06e MD5: 7b92332e5dc791ab75d1a7e97dbf02fb
plus2-spanish-1.rom 16 SHA1: ec0d5a158842d20601b4fbeaefc6668db979d0e1 Spanish +2 (grey) ROM 1 (48K BASIC)
FCS32: 41981d4b MD5: a0218949af7ff6fe7acc8d52ae92734a
plus3-4.1-spanish-0.rom 16 SHA1: e9b0a60a1a8def511d59090b945d175bdc646346 Spanish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 0 (128K editor)
FCS32: 1f86147a MD5: 59b52b6a15f6669ef888920b6cb3c7ef
plus3-4.1-spanish-1.rom 16 SHA1: 4e48f196427596c7990c175d135c15a039c274a4 Spanish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 1 (128K syntax checker)
FCS32: a8ac4966 MD5: 80513fbdf50a2c3ac1d9c188abc80edc
plus3-4.1-spanish-2.rom 16 SHA1: 09fc005625589ef5992515957ce7a3167dec24b2 Spanish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 2 (+3DOS)
FCS32: f6bb0296 MD5: c25e5db5594b6b91f8649f27258efe6f
plus3-4.1-spanish-3.rom 16 SHA1: ec8f644a81e2e9bcb58ace974103ea960361bad2 Spanish +2B/+3B v4.1 ROM 3 (48K BASIC)
FCS32: f6d25389 MD5: 64d609ebac2ed46811992c156db291d7
tc2048.rom 16 SHA1: febb2d495b6eda7cdcb4074935d6e9d9f328972d TC2048 ROM
FCS32: f1b5fa67 MD5: 9dd7ecf784a6c04265c073c236f5fadb
tc2068-0.rom 16 SHA1: 1446cb2780a9dedf640404a639fa3ae518b2d8aa TC2068/TS2068 main ROM
FCS32: bf44ec3f MD5: 55d462fccc6c536037404ef4ced08bec
tc2068-1.rom 8 SHA1: 7e265a2c1f621ed365ea23bdcafdedbc79c1299c TC2068/TS2068 shadow ROM
FCS32: ae16233a MD5: 575d203c6e15e679fba0b73f854ec7a2
uk2086.rom 16 SHA1: 1d525fe5cdc82ab46767f665ad735eb5363f1f51 Unipolbrit Komputer 2086 (UK2086) ROM
FCS32: 5ddc0ca2 MD5: de017ddfa5a5bbd013d4bd6b5d4c09eb

Unofficial clones and derivatives

Suggested filename Size (KiB) Checksums Description
48-inves.rom 16 SHA1: d020440638aff4d39467128413ef795677be9c23 48K ROM of Investronica Inves Spectrum +
FCS32: 8ff7a4d1 MD5: a48635b6e6cb4eaa04f79046f83da082
128p-0.rom 16 SHA1: d07fcdeca892ee80494d286ea9ea5bf3928a1aca Pentagon 128 ROM 0
FCS32: 124ad9e0 MD5: a249565f03b98d004ee7f019570069cd
128p-1.rom 16 SHA1: 80080644289ed93d71a1103992a154cc9802b2fa Pentagon 128 ROM 0 (same as 128K)
FCS32: b96a36be MD5: 6e09e5d3c4aef166601669feaaadc01c
256s-0.rom 16 SHA1: 477114ff0fe1388e0979df1423602b21248164e5 Scorpion SZ-256 ROM 0
FCS32: 0eb40a09 MD5: b9fda5b6a747ff037365b0e2d8c4379a
256s-1.rom 16 SHA1: 367b5a102fb663beee8e7930b8c4acc219c1f7b3 Scorpion SZ-256 ROM 1
FCS32: 9d513013 MD5: 643861ad34831b255bf2eb64e8b6ecb8
256s-2.rom 16 SHA1: 07783ee295274d8ff15d935bfd787c8ac1d54900 Scorpion SZ-256 ROM 2
FCS32: fd0d3ce1 MD5: d8ad507b1c915a9acfe0d73957082926
256s-3.rom 16 SHA1: 33703e97cc93b7edfcc0334b64233cf81b7930db Scorpion SZ-256 ROM 3
FCS32: 1fe1d003 MD5: ce0723f9bc02f4948c15d3b3230ae831
didaktik-m-90.rom 16 SHA1: aa26f67846360177371100915742035e8711e373 Didaktik M (1990 model)
FCS32: 43367a3b MD5: fe11b4701bb87f8c7328cb9a5befe942
didaktik-m-91.rom 16 SHA1: 71d4d1a05fb936f616bcb05c3a276f79343ecd4d Didaktik M (1991 model)
FCS32: beab69b8 MD5: 1e435a3e9b58cc579f0764a0286bc274
didaktik-m-92.rom 16 SHA1: 23644fe949cbf527747959d07b72db01de378c4c Didaktik M (1992 model)
FCS32: 57264d4f MD5: 48ef1e17bae225a2f139cb5fd63f83ee
didaktik-m-93.rom 16 SHA1: a3470d8d1a996ee2a1ffff8bd8044da6e907e07e Didaktik M (1993 model)
FCS32: ec274b1b MD5: 0975cd40443dd73d2ea15dbea6b35dbd
hobbit-forth.rom 16 SHA1: b8366dc5d6a7de7524b2ec1a19526596efe544fa Hobbit Forth ROM
FCS32: 0e0eeb7d MD5: ffe26f35930946ecb53ca25a69c0750c
hobbit-trdos.rom 16 SHA1: 766c959e08e23ef00af69fc89359eb2dbeb09f5f Hobbit TR-DOS ROM
FCS32: 2e97de06 MD5: 1a9cf46d8a4f677e43e44e1e07c6922b
hobbit-shadow-a.rom 8 SHA1: eefb3ae94d6056db42490e968ae959b8b6cc06d3 Hobbit Shadow ROM A
FCS32: 5eeba87c MD5: c119d1c57327e54dcca84796b7245578
hobbit-shadow-b.rom 8 SHA1: f580e89901bb9578e114422f856292e1637febe1 Hobbit Shadow ROM B
FCS32: 97f56c79 MD5: 92b49b443c764f10fa60878708e5c509
tk90x-1.rom 16 SHA1: a9421b9e3a17689b7392da1f72dc71dd46e09ab1 Microdigital TK90X original model in Portuguese/Spanish
FCS32: d1b2f352 MD5: 57298d17f1db8af890a347fdb87e4850
tk90x-2-portuguese.rom 16 SHA1: 9a943a008be13194fb006bddffa7d22d2277813f Microdigital TK90X rare later model in Portuguese
FCS32: 3e785f6f MD5: 148cf5a58ecae57c2c6a98c94b26a9b1
tk90x-2-spanish.rom 16 SHA1: a9af9c4d38882e2bd85086fc0c2d8d9afe90afad Microdigital TK90X rare later model in Spanish
FCS32: 496573a1 MD5: 787277dba973e69d02cc953820dc63b8
tk95-portuguese.rom 16 SHA1: 94edc401d43b0e9a9cdc1d35de4b6462dc414ab3 Microdigital TK95 in Portuguese
FCS32: 17368e07 MD5: b7893ad25728fbf6410f08eddd4a1cad
tk95-spanish.rom 16 SHA1: 54f3445374d1758a3133232672e8783cb4fc7a32 Microdigital TK95 in Spanish
FCS32: 602ba2c9 MD5: 181f6feb808a67c60970d3238e2d7590

Modified ROMs and ROM reimplementations

Suggested filename Size (KiB) Checksums Description
48-imc.rom 16 SHA1: dee814271c4d51de257d88128acdb324fb1d1d0d 48K ROM modified by Ian Collier
FCS32: d1be99ee MD5: bd6825889014b39efd30ff54faba8891
se-buffy-0.rom 16 SHA1: 875279a9e4afb285a600894f9c84919837a7ca52 SE BASIC IV 'Buffy' v4.1.0 ROM 0
FCS32: 0aef3cba MD5: 92077ff43c9f1c9090b87d11a9ad19e9
se-buffy-1.rom 16 SHA1: d7092d6d55ee8280057399362b5798d1f65d8eeb SE BASIC IV 'Buffy' v4.1.0 ROM 1
FCS32: a79c8623 MD5: 1382674d0020f35e8e4e1e981bcec951
opense-3.1.2.rom 16 SHA1: 24a339c5c163a687a8fed50f93714c6450e2562d OpenSE 3.1.2 ROM for 48K Spectrum
FCS32: 55b16077 MD5: fce177ac28d2b36ec4b6295ff6159d6c
opense-3.1.2-zxc3.rom 16 SHA1: de59e4877463ddbcfa8203f43acb8c928ab9b998 OpenSE 3.1.2 ROM for use as ZXC3 cartridge
FCS32: 6b16987b MD5: 38052fafba1e1929b7bc702f20f35c2c
skeleton.rom 16 SHA1: e90469d5c30d385e22bb6ed64fdac688e234a175 Spectrum emulation ROM for SAM Coupé
FCS32: 2e4cb27e MD5: 620c9587ee0f69e83a225599df073281

SAM Coupé

Suggested filename Size (KiB) Checksums Description
sam-coupe-0.1.rom 32 SHA1: 8976ed005c14905eec1215f0a5c28aa686a7dda2 SAM Coupé ROM 0.1
FCS32: c04acfdf MD5: 6430f740e3f5450c5d99d907bbff1949
sam-coupe-0.4.rom 32 SHA1: 8bc457a5c764b0bb0aa7008c57f28c30248fc6a4 SAM Coupé ROM 0.4
FCS32: f439e84e MD5: a0b805ea4eee73b6932ba709b6d77e46
sam-coupe-1.0.rom 32 SHA1: d3de7bb74e04d5b4dc7477f70de54d540b1bcc07 SAM Coupé ROM 1.0
FCS32: 3659d31f MD5: b519c321b3b6be53e2ff161cc5b00cea
sam-coupe-1.2.rom 32 SHA1: 9339a0c1f72e8512c6f32dec15ab7d6c3bb04151 SAM Coupé ROM 1.2
FCS32: 7fe37dd8 MD5: 5cd80d43b7ce5e93c9778afe58e033d4
sam-coupe-1.3.rom 32 SHA1: af8d348fd080b18a4cbe9ed69d254be7be330146 SAM Coupé ROM 1.3
FCS32: 2093768c MD5: fc2fc98d6790a69f0109f6b1996fccac
sam-coupe-1.4.rom 32 SHA1: b4e596051f2748dee9481ea4af7d15ccddc1e1b5 SAM Coupé ROM 1.4
FCS32: 08799596 MD5: e3057d90eba00a80aa6dc05d10f56f22
sam-coupe-1.8.rom 32 SHA1: 485e7d9e9a4f8a70c0f93cd6e69ff12269438829 SAM Coupé ROM 1.8
FCS32: f626063f MD5: fdcc0fb0ac65473468900d93cb8367f0
sam-coupe-1.81.rom 32 SHA1: cb0fa79e4d5f7df0b57ede08ea7ecc9ae152f534 SAM Coupé ROM 1.81
FCS32: d25e1de1 MD5: 60e92a0a57abc72e7f4b8750698f897f
sam-coupe-2.0.rom 32 SHA1: 41736323f0236649f2d5fe111f900def8db93a13 SAM Coupé ROM 2.0
FCS32: eaf32054 MD5: 457c79507a2a795704234b02ec9e3bcd
sam-coupe-2.1.rom 32 SHA1: 11dcac5fdea782cdac03b4d0d7ac25d88547eefe SAM Coupé ROM 2.1
FCS32: f6804b46 MD5: 642dc1ad5bb2767871232f6274aed7e8
sam-coupe-2.4.rom 32 SHA1: 10cd911ba237dd2cf0c2637be1ad6745b7cc89b9 SAM Coupé ROM 2.4
FCS32: bb23fee4 MD5: d452359a7cb03b514e15f53e6eafade3
sam-coupe-2.5.rom 32 SHA1: a25ed85a0f1134ac3a481a3225f24a8bd3a790cf SAM Coupé ROM 2.5
FCS32: ddadd358 MD5: 3d571be8926481eeb00dfe8baf0ba8de
sam-coupe-3.0.rom 32 SHA1: d390f0be420dfb12b1e54a4f528b5055d7d97e2a SAM Coupé ROM 3.0 ("plc" in boot message)
FCS32: e535c25d MD5: 1bc4fa10a9bb05a036e854fa60d151d9
sam-coupe-3.0b.rom 32 SHA1: 58186fd34a8b9c1929913e2b1d7dc4efa507c160 SAM Coupé ROM 3.0 ("PLC" in boot message)
FCS32: 39ff160a MD5: 9f40c46cce4008e0548db44f39527914
sam-coupe-3.1.rom 32 SHA1: c86601633fb61a8c517f7657aad9af4e6870f2ee SAM Coupé ROM 3.1
FCS32: 0b7e3585 MD5: ad08ed47b07b0d7047fd3d0b5e7d90b3

Spectrum peripherals

Beta disk interface

Suggested filename Size (KiB) Checksums Description
beta48-orig-cas.rom 8 SHA1: ee163d0ffc111ffe1b3935c8e188b1bd39b842eb
FCS32: 95e6f4cf MD5: 8ffb1b21269c27cbfadb7bc1c8d90e37
beta48-orig-cas-mirrored.rom 16 SHA1: 0a42b900c8eccb403275c10fcb22dde5af3893ca
FCS32: f2d377e5 MD5: 055a0038cdc1f30c9476aff25bd1f76b
trdos-3.0-v1.rom 4 SHA1: 0de79c33e378c601e238ee37c219f8aa8442787a
FCS32: 41c0ba0a MD5: b6d8db853c24621cbd5fef3c892c976c
trdos-3.0-v2.rom 4 SHA1: 28e782db90d726d3e86d122f1dcfa6875d6b9560
FCS32: 9e5e6f98 MD5: 5c097b0fb75bb7147104d6e77db0300a
trdos-3.0-v3-profisoft.rom 4 SHA1: fee248e8f6a83519f9b0ec590ea17d49b2578f07
FCS32: 34b863f8 MD5: dd70541ed6a6e8176e8dace64f9344ad
trdos-3.0-v3-profisoft-mirrored 16 SHA1: 56b8959de51919e55f1f691def6d7c6dc402bcd0 4 KiB ROM mirrored four times
FCS32: 87946b47 MD5: b08fa49b5de8448e94936a9d061dc0f5
trdos-4.11.rom 8 SHA1: 22096209c2c01298ced6d91f37a36e415d917211
FCS32: fae28478 MD5: 4a3e2b04982ac6c594adb6793be4d6e7
trdos-4.11-mirrored.rom 16 SHA1: cd046dd7e71d8605a9323e9889d222817d77400f 8 KiB ROM mirrored twice
FCS32: cf768866 MD5: 4123fd0b5c218ef704770596dc6533e1
trdos-4.12-v1.rom 8 SHA1: c8baaef66ab7fbf457ba76b783c02434cc5e2130
FCS32: 2cb63b20 MD5: 6459c606ff23a610e504d0387383148a
trdos-4.12-v1-mirrored.rom 16 SHA1: 532321470b24f648d11ac0729319a97f5083a367 8 KiB ROM mirrored twice
FCS32: 4b8a2748 MD5: aa9f9acf05382aff569dfdadde4ef8f2
trdos-4.12-v2.rom 8 SHA1: 9286fa43490baca9e61367ba569d29a91fc3eeb9
FCS32: 988be598 MD5: 48b5da4079ff8394852429e53cfc607f
trdos-4.12-v2-mirrored.rom 16 SHA1: 9daae1fb2e143a6fe5ec664103ec5d7646349d7e 8 KiB ROM mirrored twice
FCS32: 8ab9b9f7 MD5: 14399030d8228ca1b16872ed426a5835
trdos-4.12-vision-1.0.rom 16 SHA1: d391324cb39e9fc6b93b867a71caec019c353518 Individual Software Vision 1.0 (1987)
FCS32: 20f49ff5 MD5: 7031f2610845d39c54c97097afa8fa03
trdos-4.40-vision-1.4.rom 16 SHA1: 579627a2865caf3079cbae360bdaf0309d4a2911 Individual Software Vision 1.4 (1987)
FCS32: 9903f577 MD5: 4da473775c4badcc83ab5d86dc8231de
trdos-4.80-vision-1.8.rom 16 SHA1: 57167b82a6a3ffa8b25e97fa8cc208da361f1cc7 Individual Software Vision 1.8 (1987)
FCS32: 3ee7a488 MD5: 3f8a2a239a10b6694ec79148a292cfb4
trdos-4.81-vision-1.9.rom 16 SHA1: cdbd0ac2262ede3852998174f88ae333419a570f Individual Software Vision 1.9 (1987)
FCS32: 1a793d53 MD5: 62cbbdca554c8c23676618d4c83ef40e
trdos-5.01.rom 16 SHA1: 8303ba0cc79daa6c04cd1e6ce27e8b6886a3f0de
FCS32: 3e3cdd4c MD5: c511eaa8fcc968cc13baf7ad80f3aea3
trdos-5.03.rom 16 SHA1: c9d69cf3a0219f6e37e7eb5046961fa8fa8eb2c6
FCS32: 121889b0 MD5: a92db09c9aa3cfda478a9bf1eec7ff90
trdos-5.03-bugfixed.rom 16 SHA1: 6fe976864d525930b0a166c8b80e4edf71349ca7 Fixed HL'
FCS32: 1dc61452 MD5: a701f54355b53fa93fb8599933d518b7
trdos-5.03-unknown-version.rom 16 SHA1: 0a74bd34538a03d0e1d214b425d95c14ad10c8c4
FCS32: c43d717f MD5: 0c42e3b9ab8dd91ea096f1d0c07c55e5
trdos-5.04t.rom 16 SHA1: 745e9caf576e64a5386ad845256d28593d34cc40
FCS32: e212d1e0 MD5: b4c9634312b796063015450daef13dfa
trdos-5.04t-bugfixed.rom 16 SHA1: e5abc1662243e2b6262237b87874ad036b7ac1b7 Fixed HL'
FCS32: edcc4c02 MD5: d6f43c70c003f07d0a694f81ff55db95
trdos-5.05-czech.rom 16 SHA1: ef2a07767d3b229aa4573dcfee905156a83bc32d
FCS32: 03b76c8f MD5: a3242d31a0624a64a56f3a6cb5484e7c
trdos-5.05-czech-bugfixed.rom 16 SHA1: b923938104b7ed6679685926c8f25e70d602a1d8 Fixed HL'
FCS32: 742b6b55 MD5: cc46c7bacbbaf528a864113c76d9b9c9
trdos-6.04.rom 16 SHA1: 282eb7bc819aad2a12fd954e76f7838a4e1a7929
FCS32: d8882a8c MD5: 53e2f417c6996df9af170e147df8e369
trdos-6.10p-zxm-phoenix.rom 16 SHA1: 1aaee97c310c33a1082b38904e90c09c4d06e097
FCS32: 59b8bc0d MD5: ca8a2725b5bb160583de1086867e1dbb
trdos-6.10p-zxm-phoenix-bugfixed.rom 16 SHA1: 97a973538a74a8ffb056e21597151d46155ebe74 Fixed HL'
FCS32: 85a4f77a MD5: 61ad00a92f00761933630d96440c3db0
trdos-6.11e-pentagon1024sl.rom 16 SHA1: ca7d1a72dc8809d5f6ed5180207f31f55eb784a7
FCS32: 7872c293 MD5: 57a89977195782106e01aab2683b9e6c
trdos-6.11e-pentagon1024sl-bugfixed.rom 16 SHA1: 3242adee54cd4c37b8adb76c8bb3ea39fd0612fa Fixed HL'
FCS32: 808a4c39 MD5: ac04983f104d869f1713b2da1a3ff51e
trdos-d566613v-zxprofi1024.rom 16 SHA1: 1332a01137bd537fee696ba7adddc0a15b3237c4
FCS32: 8528c789 MD5: c340b0f33b55ad499cb3569c7c5e7026
trdos-d566613v-zxprofi1024-bugfixed.rom 16 SHA1: 84dfceb830d42f9b312b212fe65b1d53ca88dea7 Fixed HL'
FCS32: 7dd04923 MD5: d0e419e69048fda3dcbb73f740090986
trdos-d5666hte-zxprofi1024.rom 16 SHA1: 4e523768231130947a81247e116fc049bd6da963
FCS32: 03841161 MD5: 8452a03e58d647e5c9ad110ca5ae5148
trdos-d5666hte-zxprofi1024-bugfixed.rom 16 SHA1: 7e6ae1c09374fe8825ddb8b36eeec6d4186e2ed0 Fixed HL'
FCS32: fb7c9fcb MD5: 37761a286284a8637e8de78c9a25a7c5

Other interfaces

Suggested filename Size (KiB) Checksums Description
didaktik-40-mdos1.rom 16 SHA1: 408db451040646b4f1db5108b47099a725b3d987 Didaktik 40 MDOS 1 (for WD2797 controller)*
FCS32: 27547714 MD5: 2d3caf7d11bedc339811d344f7cb6029
disciple.rom 8 SHA1: 9a75ed4b293f968985be4c9aa893cd88276d1ced MGT's DISCiPLE disk interface ROM
FCS32: 82047489 MD5: 78e61a2a02121873c1756b21fd1398b1
if1-1.rom 8 SHA1: 4ffd9ed9c00cdc6f92ce69fdd8b618ef1203f48e ZX Interface 1 shadow ROM v1
FCS32: e72a12ae MD5: 5c11c61a2dd2ca4bf39328d9ff42d289
if1-2.rom 8 SHA1: 5cfb6bca4177c45fefd571734576b55e3a127c08 ZX Interface 1 shadow ROM v2
FCS32: bb66dd1e MD5: 31b704ae925305e74f50699271fddd9a
kempston-centronics-e.rom 2 SHA1: b26e9f720a215019b8710a4a094d6fde6ecae5fd Kempston Centronics E
FCS32: a58b1e97 MD5: 1163f2a91285ad03fc8bbca9c67d2f59
messenger.rom 8 SHA1: 5e1fc462cd30a97196bbc7d93e23d3d28430c6df SAMCo's Messenger interface ROM
FCS32: e8917b99 MD5: f572727c1ce16de88bbbfdecee2f0004
usource.rom 8 SHA1: fae53678a85ba503b77ed2d877de2635b284eef1 Currah μSource (or MicroSource) ROM
FCS32: 8e9b67d0 MD5: ebe1490920cbb62bde7282ae24928d95
uspeech.rom 2 SHA1: 90dbba5afbf07949df9cbdcb0a8ec0b106340422 Currah μSpeech (or MicroSpeech) ROM
FCS32: ce7cf52e MD5: 052f6af718337e35e76693723e1d73e3
microdriver-1.rom 4 SHA1: da44dfae06566b13424841ecaee3fe2248a0a68d Mirage Microdriver v1 ROM
FCS32: bba8fe2f MD5: 356b31ac397287dc313746d2ad0b946f
microdriver-2.rom 8 SHA1: 5a55d198627679582b8cdee62c02ad404c0a1a0b Mirage Microdriver v2 ROM (for emulation)
FCS32: df108bf3 MD5: 7dfd372c3b09048d83f43631d94c7e5b
microdriver-2-munged.rom 8 SHA1: 1174b86345f22770d3842ad00172aa8d658a39ce Mirage Microdriver v2 ROM (for burning)
FCS32: c4939276 MD5: 85cd00f39b9c5cfbe87aa78e268cd73a
microdriver-3.rom 8 SHA1: ec97b08c786a7f7b59884b3d696398ae83e9f957 Mirage Microdriver v3 ROM (for emulation)
FCS32: fe7721d0 MD5: bdddd83f0f571daf0ffa69c1085df1bc
opus-22.rom 8 SHA1: 0eee1c503f71709fce8b7560dadc2d07d15edb80 Opus Discovery v2.2 ROM
FCS32: 50f0eae0 MD5: 1eab43c99c738172820927e01797715b
plusd.rom 8 SHA1: 6b841dc5797ef7eb219ad455cd1e434ca3b9d30d MGT's +D disk interface ROM
FCS32: 569f7e55 MD5: 42e5de16fb5e50082bb954ec7ce45851
speccyboot-1.4.rom 8 SHA1: 16af6f052b38a027dd49ba6e96e3a59d16b62672 SpeccyBoot ROM v1.4
FCS32: 37c591b2 MD5: c54aa8f374b0971f51546c29d5d1eba1
unidos-plusd.rom 8 SHA1: 399c8c7c8335bc59849a2182c32347603fd0288a UniDOS replacement ROM for +D
FCS32: 60920496 MD5: 608896fd1dd1c38d979a0c36e2058e51
unidos-disciple.rom 8 SHA1: 6277abe6358c99ab894795536a1eb9393f25b9b1 UniDOS replacement ROM for DISCiPLE
FCS32: 1fe7f4fa MD5: 202245822151cc45ead834f445aa7e52

 * Not a proper ROM dump as it contains data from RAM at ROM addresses that are inaccessible.

Checksum information

FCS32 and SHA1 are given here as these are what MESS uses. FCS32 in this instance refers to the 32-bit CRC standardised as ISO 3309, ISO/IEC 13239:2002 and ITU-T V.42, most notably used as the Ethernet Frame Check Sequence (FCS), which has a polynomial representation of 0x04C11DB7 in normal form. It is also used for zip and gzip files, and within UDI disk images.

On Unix-like systems, Jacksum will produce an FCS32 sum when using:

jacksum -x -a fcs32 FILES

and rhash will do so when using:

rhash --lowercase -C FILES

To produce a line similar to that needed for this article, with minimal editing, one can use:

jacksum -a crc32+sha1+md5 -F "{{ROM images table row|#FILENAME|#FILESIZE|#CHECKSUM{0}|#CHECKSUM{1}|#CHECKSUM{2}|DESCRIPTION}}" FILES


rhash -p "{{ROM images table row|%f|%s|%c|%h|%m|DESCRIPTION}}\n" FILES

Note that checksums can be freely shared on the Internet without concern over copyright, as these simply provide a mechanism for determining validity of ROM dumps that you already have.

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