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The original 16K/48K ZX Spectrum
Sinclair FAQ Wiki

This wiki is an attempt at rebooting the Sinclair FAQ.

The long term aim is for it to replace the existing stagnant Sinclair FAQs and Tech Wiki as an up to date repository for Sinclair related information on the internet.

If you would like to contribute to articles please register/log in.

Note: if you created an account before the wiki was moved from the zxshed site your old username/password should still be valid

Current Status

The wiki is slowly growing, there are several full articles now but it still needs contributions. Please take a look at SinclairFAQ_talk:What Needs Doing to see what parts of the wiki you can help with.


Frequently asked questions - start here!

Spectrum systems:

Spectrum internals:

Hardware maintenance: Replacement Components

Hardware addons

Standards: IDEDOS | ULAplus | X80 | ZXI standard

System software: ROM images | +3DOS | +3e | Open82 | OpenSE | Spectrum tape interface | Channels and streams

Software development: Z80 Programming | SpecBAS | 18x18 icon format | BIFROST* Engine | NIRVANA Engine


File formats:


Companies: Sinclair Research | Miles Gordon Technology | SAM Computers

Spectrum culture: Harry S Price | Matthew Smith | Where Are They Now?

External Links

The Tech Wiki which contains corrections to some of the material in the c.s.s faq reference section, and details of new projects such as the ULAplus, and the "128Ke" idealised Spectrum 128K specification.

The comp.sys.sinclair FAQ which contains the majority of the technical information about the Sinclair ZX80, ZX81, and Spectrum range of computers