List of software titles and their compatibility with OpenSE

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A list of software titles and the level of compatibility with the OpenSE OS ROM

Software is grouped into five levels of compatibility;

  • Platinum -- loads from the original media/TZX/PZX, runs without errors
  • Gold -- loads from .TAP version, runs without errors
  • Silver -- loads from snapshot version, runs without errors
  • Bronze -- loads, runs with minor issues
  • Incompatible -- cannot be loaded or runs with major errors.

Title Compatibility Version Tested Comments
Target; Renegade Platinum OpenSE 3.03
Exolon Platinum OpenSE 3.03
Starquake Platinum OpenSE 3.03
Travel With Trashman Silver OpenSE 3.03 Checksums for original ROM while loading
Auf Wiedersehen Monty Bronze OpenSE 3.03 Font does not render properly
Roller Coaster Bronze OpenSE 3.03 Platform sprite is corrupted