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'''[[JSpeccy]]''' by José Luis Sánchez.  Written in Java.
'''[[JSpeccy]]''' by José Luis Sánchez.  Written in Java.
* [http://jspeccy.speccy.org/ JSpeccy Homepage]
* [http://jspeccy.speccy.org/ JSpeccy Homepage]
* [http://worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/emulators/java/JSpeccy.jar JSpeccy]
* [http://jspeccy.speccy.org/JSpeccy.jar Last version]
* [https://github.com/jsanchezv/JSpeccy Source code repository]
'''[[Spiffy]]''' by [[User:Edward|Edward Cree]].
'''[[Spiffy]]''' by [[User:Edward|Edward Cree]].

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An emulator is a program which reproduces the behaviour of one computing platform while running on another.

There are a wide variety of emulators for Sinclair machines.

List of emulators

A more complete list can be found at WoS; many of the links here point to the WoS archive.


Fuse (Free Unix Spectrum Emulator) by Philip Kendall.

JSpeccy by José Luis Sánchez. Written in Java.

Spiffy by Edward Cree.

  • Spiffy repository
  • Available as source, and binaries for Linux and Windows, and can be compiled for Mac OS X.
    • Windows binaries are built by Guesser.


SpecEmu by Mark Woodmass. Freeware.

  • Runs on anything from 95 onwards.
  • No longer under active development.
  • Latest version

Zero by Arjun Nair. Freeware.

ZX Spin by Paul Dunn. Freeware.

BASin by Paul Dunn. Not strictly an emulator, but a Spectrum BASIC Development environment.

Spectaculator by Jonathan Needle. Shareware.

Spud by Richard Chandler. Freeware

RealSpectrum by Ramsoft.

  • Originally DOS-based, runs on XP and older.
  • No longer officially available.